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The essential guide to finding your Purpose through forgiveness

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Natalie Baird-King is a survivor of childhood abuse and domestic violence. As a result of the abuse she survived in her life, she went to law school. Natalie has educated many corporations, businesses, educational institutions, communities, judges, and the legal community about domestic abuse and the impacts it has on children, teenagers, adolescents, and adults. She has been a speaker for countless keynotes, seminars, workshops, corporations, and conferences.
Natalie is a Florida Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney who has who has been practicing for over 20 years. She is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator and has devoted her practice to family law mediations where she has assisted thousands of families to resolve their case versus choosing a judge to decide their fate.

Through many trials and tribulations in her own life, she came to forgive her abusive father, many that abused her, and most important she forgive herself. She discovered how forgiveness gave her freedom to live her purpose and a fulfilled life.

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Forgiving Unforgivable gives you essential keys so you can live your Purpose.

Finding your Purpose

Do you fee stuck in life and cannot figure out why you are not living your purpose?

Triggered by Emotions

Do circumstances trigger you to where you feel you are in an emotional loop each day, week, and year?

Traumatic Past

Have you experienced trauma from the past and those memories continue to haunt you?

Struggle with Depression

Do you struggle with depression which results from anger, guilt, and shame?

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